A Cook's Tour to Mexico with Nancy Zaslavsky







“If ever a travel book/cookbook was written for me, covering both the foods and places that I love, this is the one. More than just a cookbook, A Cook’s Tour also includes information about the people, the places, and the ingredients that are used in the recipes. All regions of Mexico are covered, and each section begins with an overview of that area and its most famous typical dishes …profiles of local people, along with the history and folklore that has been included, help to recreate the flavor of each region. A book that made me want to call my travel agent.”

—Nancy Gerlach, food and travel editor
Authentic Recipes from the Mexico's Best Open-Air Markets, City Fondas and Home Kitchens
A Cook's Tour of Mexico by Nancy Zaslavsky

This tantalizing collection of recipes covers all aspects of Mexican cuisine and pays tribute to the history and tradition, the folklore and culture, that inspire the dishes. Each chapter explores a different region of central and southern Mexico via market tours, cooking stories and dining adventures. The book celebrates a rich and varied cuisine and the people whose love of good food extends from the garden to the market, from the kitchen to the table. For the food lover, armchair traveler, or enthusiast of Mexican culture, A Cook’s Tour of Mexico offers a feast of information and a wealth of delectable, authentic recipes.

Meatless Mexican Home Cooking

The book’s recipes are delicious, robust foods that are eaten every day in Mexico and just happen to be meatless. My Mexican friends, all marvelous home cooks, provided many of their favorite family recipes to share with lovers of healthful, great food. I also collected traditional recipes by watching and recording cooks as they prepared typical fare for hungry hordes at regional market fondas. Labeled by more than one reviewer a Mexican food anthropologist, I love nothing more than to hunt down long forgotten dishes that were destined to make delicious comebacks, sometimes generations later.

“Acclaimed author Nancy Zaslavsky proves Cinco de Mayo is only one of 365 days of the year ripe for celebrating the Mexican produce bin.”
—Lisa Messinger, Food Editor, Copley Newspapers

A Cook's Tour of Mexico
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Meatless Mexican Home Cooking
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