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“A few of my favorite tour memories: Midnight at the cemetery on Day of the Dead; Rich and complex flavors of Oaxacan moles; Gifted artisans; and Exotic marketplaces. All these experiences are thanks to the talented Nancy Zaslavsky and her magical culinary tours!”

Monica Grinnell, Owner, Eat Your Heart Out Catering and Event Services, Portland, OR
A Cook's Tour with Nancy Zaslavsky
A Cook's Tour to Mexico with Nancy Zaslavsky 2017, 2018
Day of the Dead Festivities

October 27 - November 2, 2017
You are invited to explore culturally rich Oaxaca (pronounced wa-HA-ka) City in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, a one hour flight south of Mexico City. Inhabited by pre Hispanic native tribes thousands of years B.C. at Mitla and later, Monte Albán, Oaxaca remains home to a considerable indigenous population. The city center is filled with handsome Spanish colonial buildings, majestic churches, museums and shops filled with the region's world class folk art.
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Oaxaca matate
Lidya grinding corn on a matate for our tamales class in Oaxaca.
Bangkok & Chiang Mai

January 11–21, 2018
Friendly, colorful, ceremonial Thailand—from countryside rice paddies to golden Buddhas—is the perfect travel destination for lovers of cultural and historic sites; warm, generous people; stunning scenery; and beloved culinary flavors: sweet, spicy, salty and sour. Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand's largest cities, offer windows into the taste of the country at world-class regional restaurants to bustling Night Market food stalls.
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Thai floating market
For Seafood Lovers

March 1–7, 2018

The state of Veracruz is a fusion of spiky mountain peaks, misty hills covered with coffee growing estates, waterways lined with banana trees, and coastal flatlands filled with pineapple plantations. Few tourists get to see this dramatic landscape, one I hope to share with you when the weather is at its best offering sunny days and balmy nights scented by vanilla.

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San Juan de Ulua Fortress
Food Lovers Tour to Jalisco & Mexico City

February 27 - March 6, 2017

I'm over-the-top excited to announce my new tour, one that has been in the making for years!

Haciendas! Food Lovers Tour to Jalisco & Mexico City explores haciendas in Central Mexico: Guadalajara and the Jalisco countryside, and finally Mexico City's urban energy-filled UNESCO Historic Center and super hot contemporary dining scene.

Live the life! Stay in stunning boutique hotels and in a grand hacienda. Our group is small, only ten participants. Enjoy Mexico's traditional, regional restaurants and vibrant newcomers helmed by today's most creative and adventurous chefs.

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Hacienda El Carmen, Jalisco
Hacienda El Carmen, Jalisco
A Taste of Adventure
In 1995 people began clamoring for me to take them along on my culinary journeys. I eventually gave in, soon put together a first tour to Michoacán and had the time of my life sharing with others what continues to be my passion.

Each year I offer three tours, plus lead private tours. I visit the mountainous region west and northwest of Mexico City known as the Colonial Circle, as it boasts a selection of beautiful Spanish Colonial towns and cities with famous regional dishes. One tour explores San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, another Morelia and Pátzcuaro in Michoacán. Some years I travel to the Guadalajara-Tequila region and/or to Baja California's Guadalupe wine country—others are reserved for winter in sun-filled, seafood-packed Veracruz. The end of October is earmarked for Oaxaca and magical Day of the Dead festivities.

Groups are always small—rarely more than ten participants. Each day is a roving fiesta as we explore markets and learn about raw ingredients that form the backbone of Mexico’s world-class cuisine. We’ll meet people who grow these ingredients and others who prepare them into authentic dishes. We’ll savor an array of food and drink new to us, flavors that form Mexico’s separate and distinct culinary regions. To better understand Mexican cultural traditions we visit archaeological sites, important museums and centers of culinary antiquity.

All tours start at our hotel about 6:00PM to allow for late arrivals. I highly encourage participants to come in the day before to be relaxed and ready to go. We meet for a casual orientation, a chance to introduce ourselves and go over the schedule before heading off for our first meal together.

In advance of all trips you will receive helpful travel guidelines with up-to-date airline restrictions and rules, clothing hints, packing tips, and detailed suggestions on how best to get to the hotel.
author of "A Cook’s Tour of Mexico: Authentic Recipes from the Country’s Best Open-Air Markets, City Fondas and Home Kitchens" and "Meatless Mexican Home Cooking."

I will lead you on colorful market tours and myriad culinary quests! Each day I offer insights to specialties such as traditional breads, tortillas, chocolate, herbs, tropical fruits and the world’s greatest variety of chiles. I will explore salsas, glorious "moles" and discuss the nuances of various regional drinks.

I will guide you through menus and fascinating dishes at Mexico’s finest regional restaurants and favorite market fondas.

I am a cooking teacher and lecturer of Mexican foods, Vice President of the Southern California Culinary Historians, and an active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Slow Food, and The James Beard Foundation."

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