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Veracruz cathedral
Veracruz cathedral
Local poster art
Local poster art
Veracruz folk dancers
Folk dancers with Jarocho harp
Local honey bread
Local honey bread
Jalapa anthropolgy museum
Museum of Anthropology, Jalapa
Jalapa anthropolgy museum
Olmec head, Museum of Anthropology, Jalapa
Tlacotalpan, Veracruz
Tlacotalpan day tour

March 1 to 7, 2018
Veracruz for Seafood Lovers
Now is a grand time for a taste of adventure

Veracruz seafood
Veracruz seafood


The state of Veracruz is a fusion of spiky mountain peaks, misty hills covered with coffee growing estates, waterways lined with banana trees, and coastal flatlands filled with pineapple plantations. Few tourists get to see this dramatic landscape, one I hope to share with you when the weather is at its best offering sunny days and balmy nights scented by vanilla.

Our small group of no more than ten participants will spend a week in the wildly wonderful Gulf port city of Veracruz, home to the most exuberant, music-filled zócalo in Mexico! A short stroll from our hotel through the historic center is Veracruz's heartbeat, the palm tree-lined Plaza de la Armas with its cathedral on one side, whitewashed city hall on another, and crowded cafes spilling into the zócalo from under covered archways. Here's where we don shades and our new Panama hats at nightfall, sip icy drinks, puff Cuban cigars, listen to marimba bands and howl at the moon.

Our hotel, situated on the legendary Paseo del Malecón promenade along the port, boasts rooms with extraordinary views of some of the world's largest tankers as well as Fort of San Juan de Ulúa in the distance, an historic site and last Spanish stronghold in the Americas. The hotel is fully air-conditioned with spa and three welcoming swimming pools (one indoors) to offer cooling splashes before relaxing afternoon treatments and siestas.

Day tours include visits through a lush coffee growing region to the state capital of Jalapa and the contemporary, architecturally celebrated anthropology museum filled with Pre-hispanic art and huge Olmec heads 3,000 years old. We'll visit the charming, pastel-colored UNESCO town of Tlacotalpan for a seafood feast of regional specialties and local shopping; and cross a river's footbridge to historic, jungle-like Antigua for dishes found only in this off-the-tourist-track village.

Red snapper, delicate pompano, and other Gulf fish and seafood including live shrimp from river, lagoon, bay, gulf and ocean await us. We'll taste regional moles and tamales, gorditas (corn masa puffs) with sensational table salsas, and devour refreshing ice cream flavored from exotic fruits. We'll purchase vanilla beans from Paplanta natives, go on a tasting tour of Mercado Hidalgo's local specialties, feast riverside in Boca del Rio on superb regional seafood dishes, sip toro (creamy fruit and alcohol drink), and hold court at my favorite fish market fonda offering the world's best fish and seafood.

March is the perfect time to visit Veracruz as the weather is warm and sunny during the day and cools down to balmy deliciousness at night.

Clothing is casual, lightweight, and comfortable: sandals, sneakers, tees, jeans, shorts, skirts, and a bathing suit if you want to swim in the hotel's three pools.

¡SALUD! Enjoy traveling with a small group of food- and culture-loving participants.

$2900. Per person, based on double occupancy.
Plus $400 single supplement.

Registration deadline is December 1, 2017
SAVE $100: Register before September 1, 2017

Space is limited to 10 participants.
Veracruz for Seafood Lovers tour is 7 days, 6 nights: Tour includes ground transportation, ALL meals when taken with the group, van tours, special guides and museum/site entrance fees. Tour does not include alcohol and wine except at special events when noted, but does include Mexico's excellent beer. Not included are hotel gratuities and personal expenses. The tour does not include international air travel, inexpensive taxi to/from hotel, and trip insurance.

Download an application here or from the TOURS PAGE.

Please send your $500 check (made out to Nancy Zaslavsky) with a signed, completed application to the address on the application.

phone: 1-310-440-8877

  Veracruz tacos  
Tacos El Chevy
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San Juan de Ulua fortress
San Juan de Ulua fortress
Restaurant signage
Newly purchase Panama hats
Newly purchased Panama hats
Veracruz seafood hot sauce
Seafood market hot sauce collection
Veracruz seafood vendnor
Seafood market vendor
Mercado Hidalgo seafood counters
Mercado Hidalgo seafood counters
Veracruz gorditas vendors
Cochinito de Oro cooks
Veracruz coconut vendor
Coconut vendor
Cempoala, Veracruz
Cempoala site
Boca de Rio, Veracruz
Boca del Rio
Boca del Rio seafood
Boca del Rio seafood restaurant